Coaching & Healing Art

Coaching usually means to talk about what’s going in your life, and what you would like to change. Practice de Merel is offering more! We work with Healing Art.
Why? because we use our  thinking mind already a lot. You have been thinking about the problem over and over again; but still……….no change! So why won’t you try the way of Healing Art?
Give yourself the opportunity to experience what Healing Art can do. Besides gathering knowledge and insight about yourself, Healing Art will give you the experience to reconnect to your intuïtion and (unknown) feelings in a friendly way. It gives a new perspective and is often experienced as a “healing heart”. You will feel more space in your mind and in how you feel. Cliënts often say:”oh I can breathe again…,I have more space!”. And: “now I understand!”
The artistic work you made is a precious reminder for you at home.
It is not necessary to have experience in any artistic way.
Healing Art is as a gift to oneself; a start of a new beginning.

Feel free to find out for yourself!