Ingeborg de Vries

Ingeborg de VriesIngeborg de Vries (1972); particular sensitive, commited woman who works from the heart with knowledge & abilities which she experienced in education, training and Life itself. Her mission: guidance of people of all ages –especially children– to (re)find their own path in beauty as well as in strength.  Ingeborg distinguishes herself by her ability to appeal to your own strength and your own inner knowledge.  She followed education and courses in: Physical exercise, counselling, artistic spiritual drawing, systemic work, non-violent communication, holistic yoga for  toddlers & preschoolers; philosophy & spirituality. She is a psychomotor childtherapist (Le Bon Départ, Utrecht). She also followed training with Maggie Kline, co-author of the book: “Trauma through a child’s eye”.  Ingeborg is registered at STIBAG.