Family Constellations

In the field of Family Constellations two persons are wellknown: Bert Hellinger and Franz Ruppert. They have their own methodology and vision, which is explained below. 
One of the differences between the work is that Hellinger focus’ is at the (healing) arrangement in the familysystem,  in the context of the cliënt.  Franz Ruppert’s focus is at the intrapsychic dynamic of the cliënt in relation to theme which was brought in.

Bert Hellinger
discovered a natural structure (base of family constellations) which causes each person to feel good at the place he/she takes in life; in a relationship, in a family, at work or in society. It is possible because of several circumstances; even from generations before, that one feels lonely, not being part of the community, or experiences always the same problems in the relationship, perhaps one is often in conflict, or there is just an undefinable sadness, fear or pain. Systemic Work is able to give an insight in the process, and by re-structure during the work, in a caring and impressive way is healing possible. Systemic Work is possible in a group as in an individual session. In a group the co-participants represent significant others from your system, in an individual session we work with materials, for instance a cuddly toy. An individual session with family constellations is a friendly way to experience how it works.

Franz Ruppert developed a new aspect to systemic work. Ruppert’s methodology compared with Hellinger’s methodology have both resemblances as differences. Typical for Ruppert’s methodology is that the person who brings in the question, is in immediate relationship to the formation.  This is not the same in Hellinger’s work, where the formation brings insight to the person, just by noticing and seeing what happens during the formation and where the person at some moments is asked to enjoy in the formation. Ruppert’s methodology mostly starts with the desire, what is the longing, the desire of the one who brings in the question. Working according Ruppert’s methodology is giving the cliënt a great possibilitie to keep his or her autonomy, and this makes the methodology accesible for the ones who deal with traumatic experience.

About the Soul: Bert Hellinger often speaks from the soul. Franz Ruppert’s choice is to not to use this word.  It does not mean that this way the soul or it’s perspective is denied, it is just a choice not to use the word “soul” in this work.

Family Constellations at praktijk de Merel:
Ingeborg has knowledge and followed courses in both methodologies of these Family Constellations. We use the methodology which seems most constructive and valuable at that moment for this specific cliënt. You’re welcome for an individual consult.