Psychomotor Child therapy

Are you concerned about your child’s behaviour or his/her development? Maybe  you recently heard that your child is labeled to be highly sensitive, has to deal with AD(H)D or another problem? Has your child’s behaviour changed after a divorce or losing someone special?
If so, feel free to call for an appointment to find out what a psychomotor therapist can do for you and your child.
Psychomotor Childtherapy is intended for children who experienced a loss (for instance the death of a parent), but also for children who lack self-confidence; for sensitive children, for children who have learning-problems or troubles in social contact. A psychomotor child-therapist is guiding you and your child. Some children are very creative, others would like to be active in sports. Your child and his/her development are most important during my guidance. Using drawings is one of the supportive mediums I use.
When your child is very young; you as a parent will get advice and guidance how to help your child yourself at home. I work from a deep faith that each one of us has a treasure of possibilities. I’m helping to (re)connect with it.

Interchange with you, as a parent is of vital importance, cooperation with your child’s school is very welcome!

We expect to be able to give Psychomotor Childtherapy at the location of the Jan Antonie Bijlooschool, Rodaristraat 31-33, Rotterdam. We will start here at the 28th august (2017).